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Gite guests making sausages

We offer a number of short courses taking a couple of hours on a morning or afternoon.

• Sausage making, using our own free-range pork and herbs.

• Soap making using the cold process method.

• Apple juice: pick, press and pasteurise apple juice (seasonal).

• Scything: learn how to handle and sharpen a traditional scythe.

• From chicken coop to casserole: learn all the stages in the prepartion of a chicken for the table.

• Fencing: learn how build secure stock fencing, including reinforced corners and tensioning.

Gite guests making sausages

• Basic animal husbandry: we've been successfully keeping chickens, geese, ducks, rabbits, pigs and sheep for over five years now and can show you what's involved in their care.

We will add to this list so please ask us if there is anything that particularly interests you.

These short courses are designed to be hands-on, informative and fun. You'll be given a fact-sheet and, where appropriate, you'll take away some of the fruits of your labour, such as sausages, soap and juice.